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By this time in the season, we have mixed feelings about Winter.  Although it comes with light falling snow, hot chocolate by the fireplace and big woolly scarves and mittens, the longing for color, flowers and warm winds becomes evident as we look out the window and imagine a place …. where vibrant color flowers are everywhere.

If you close your eyes and visualize just for a moment…. just there.. “Up the Path”… warmer temperatures await.  Just up the path, there is new life, breezy trees and around the corner … a world full of possibilities.

“Up the path” is a drawing created with soft pastel and oils, it was 2004 and I had just begun to experiment with mixed media.

Walking up a long and winding path is exciting. So many possibilities. Who will you pass along the way? A four-leaf clover perhaps or a butterfly? Up the path you go and I hope it leads you to a place where your heart smiles. As I worked on this drawing I remember thinking “It is true what they say”, it is not the final destination that will fulfill us in the end, it’s the road taken to get there, and all the little pleasures that we experience along the way.

So as the snow falls softly today against your window pane, allow your mind to wander; Up the path and around the corner, I hope you find what you are longing for!

Till we meet again,





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