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Lavender, lemons, fresh cut wildflowers and daisies… as the suns light glows just a little longer each day until the solstice something amazing happens to the earth.. it breathes in and releases warmth, color and alerts the senses.

As I continue painting cards for my fundraiser, my colors change and so does my inspiration. This card set is for a new friend, the last few weeks have changed everything in our lives. Our routine, our work life, the way we interact when we walk down the street… and with all of this change happening around me I search for a feeling of familiarity…  in a familiar voice, a place, a taste.  It can be as simple as the smell of a ripe lemon, or lilacs as they bloom and fill the air with a sweet scent.

Even in all of this uncertainty, friendships are created, strengthened and discovered.   There is still magic out there in the simplest of things.  Allow yourself a moment to breathe in the fresh spring air, explore the blooms as you take your walk, and share your experiences with someone else.  That right there is the secret – it’s the connection.  As human beings we all need to make a connection and although lately we are limited to the internet, our homes and our phones .. if we just take notice of the people in our lives and what they bring to us … each and everyone brings something .. whether a smile, a tear, a supportive shoulder to lean on from afar.. perhaps strength, the unexpected … everyone matters … and plays a part in our life… This set of cards is for someone unexpected, who makes me smile, and has made me feel welcome.. even in these unsettled moments how lucky am I to have found a friend in all of this frenzy.  For you it might be something different, it could be the love of a person or a pet, spending time with a parent, an elder a child.. whatever makes your heart a flutter .. take note of it.

Just take a moment, breathe in .. and smell the flowers, they are right there waiting to be loved.

Until we meet again, stay safe..and listen to Faith Hills Breathe. It always makes my heart melt.


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