Whimsical Art, Sweet Treats & Enchanted Stories


Welcome to Sprinkles of Moondust, I am a creative soul and my paintings are created from my dreams and inspired by my imagination.

When I begin a  new project I am right there “in a field of flowers” or at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower admiring the magnificent view.  A moment in my life will inspire a short story along with a painting.

I use a mixture of mediums including acrylic, oils, pastels and charcoal. No painting is alike I choose the medium as I go along .

My biggest inspiration is love . If my heart begins to flutter to a sound, or beats faster to a gentle touch a new painting awaits to be created and shared with all of you.

My Art shows have taken me to the Lakeview by the water, Klienburg, The Barns at Christie and St. Clair, and Christie Park and Filosophy café on Bloor  . I am encouraged and inspired and ever so thankful to the people who have purchased my work. Each interaction leaves me feeling as though I have given a piece of my heart .. to you, that and a Sprinkle of Moondust.



Along with the artwork included is a short story that tells a tale, a wish , a dream and brings the painting to life.

I have been writing stories since I was very young.

While working on my Creative Writing Certificate pieces of a story began to fall in place and I wrote a book that is currently being edited.  It is a fantasy /romance novel and takes place in Louisiana where the unexpected is.. expected.  Ghosts, long lost rubies, small town secrets and love all make up this tale.  I hope you will follow me as I begin my journey to share pieces of my book with you .


I love to create beautiful food and share it with my friends, and family.  My father was a cook he taught me the importance and connection of cooking with heart.  Blueberry scones with a touch of sweet jam,  chocolate biscotti with cranberries and toasted hazelnuts, Greek grape leaves , sprinkles of dried mint from my garden with a lemony egg sauce.  Inspired by my Greek heritage and my husbands Italian culture I have learned to co mingle recipe’s and create food from the heart served with love and a story of course.



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