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Every morning since we have been home I get up and go for a long walk before my work day begins. At first it was a reason to get outside but it has turned into something more.  These walks have become a ritual, it is where I try and put everything into perspective, and it has become a time to reflect, I have been taking pictures of .. beautiful things.
In march the walks entailed snowflakes and snow filled tree branches, and then transitioned to snow drop flowers, tulips and cherry blossoms in bloom. Recently on my walk I saw these vibrant Gerber flowers, sunflowers and daisies my favorite flower.  On these walks I find inspiration in the every day, in nature and how the seasons make me feel.
There are days the world doesn’t feel familiar,  although it is the same path, same neighborhood, the reality of all that has changed can be unsettling.  I have learned to close my eyes for just a moment and when I open them again .. it all comes back.

and the rain still makes the most soothing sound as it falls to the ground.   The colors of August are energetic, and the moon shines so bright it’s magical.
Next time you find yourself overwhelmed with what is happening out there, give yourself the gift of a walk outside and really look around at all the beauty that is still here for us.  The most beautiful things might just be what we feel and not exactly what we see…this painting was inspired by my walks, all the colors represent the change in seasons, and I thank my neighbors for the flowers because they remind me that there will be …. better days.
I am donating this painting and if it sells the entire amount will be donated to the Run for the Cure.

Better days is an interpretation of all the emotions that I have felt since the day world changed.   The sun still shines bright, the flowers still stand tall with beauty and the moon still hugs us all as it shines down providing a candlelit summer night. I believe there will be better days…  and for those people that share these walks with me you are the colors in this painting . My walks have a purpose because I am able to share them.  Every morning for years I had coffee with a wonderful friend, and now we walk and talk and share moments, another friend smiles with me as I share my photos on my walk, I believe he has begun to appreciate the trees and flowers just as much as I do now… these are colors of hope, of friendship and of love.  I hope you like the painting .. and I hope you all believe in.. better days.  Katerini
Please listen to this song, you have to skip the Ad, i tried but couldn’t remove it.   It’s called The most beautiful things ..really listen!


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