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 On a snowflake kind of day I bet you are wondering why I am sending you a beach post..

The painting is called “Swept away” and it took me all summer to finish. I would like to account the delay to Artist block or being overly busy but the truth is.. I had to work through a lot of what was going on in my life to get to a place where I wanted to pick up the brush and each time I did my creativity and my spirit would lead me back to the water where I have always wanted to be.

Sprinklesofmoondust has had a facelift… the website has been up grated to share with you not just my art but my work in progress book that I hope you all get to read one day and my baking starting with my Christmas Cookie boxes..

There is a plan for art workshops in the spring and art cards for that special someone… and something new in the works that involves art with a story .. more to come on this in my newsletter which I hope to publish monthly …

It has taken me a while to get back to it, and I have missed you all.

Please take a moment and look through the site and share it with just one person who might not know about Sprinklesofmoondust…. Maybe they will feel the magic as I do on this wintry November afternoon.

And now for the story…

The beach has always been a place where I can breathe …

It holds memories of family picnics and splashes of fun .. It’s a place I call my own as I sat by the rocks and read my book while my toes touched the warm water connecting me to it ..

Being by the water allows me to dream and think clearly, the sound of the waves crashing against the shoreline rushing back into the lake brings on a deep emotion and sometimes tears and I get swept away with the water.

A walk by the water on a warm windy summer’s day always leaves me sun kissed. Everything magical happens by the water, endless possibilities..

I hope this painting takes you to a place and time in your life where you felt happy and completely content.. a place where you shared a kiss, walked hand in hand with a wildflower in your  hair, perhaps it reminds you of that one summer when it was just perfect…. Whatever the memory… I hope you get swept away as I always do when I am near the shore..

The painting is called “Swept away” and I hope today it takes you away.

Until next time




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