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It has been a long time since we connected. I sketched this painting with the intent that it be my  December  Christmas card to all of you, and once that did not happen, it was going to be my January wish but sometimes life doesn’t go as planned and so on this day after a whirlwind kind of snowfall I am sharing “Peaceful” with you.

As I watched the snow settle onto tree tops and the wind twirling the sparkly flakes creating images of funnel clouds I knew that today was the perfect day to send out my first creative project of the year.  “Peaceful” is my wish for all this year.

May you find a balance in your life, peace of mind, laughter, forgiveness, wellness, faith, joy, comfort, true friendship- the kind that does not place conditions, generosity, creativity, enchantment, love- it is all around us to give and receive and a sense of wonder , always have a sense of wonder.

“Peaceful” is the first of a series of winter scenes I am continuously learning  the Art of Wintering can be magical .. don’t wish it away too quickly.  Gentle snow falling on a crisp winters eve, the quiet of the season brings me closer to my spirituality, and my belief in all things magic.

Hope that “Peaceful” brings you closer to whatever or whomever you are thinking of.

Until we meet again,


“Heaven holds a sense of wonder” Sarah Mclaughlin  Click the link to listen 


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