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I painted the original artwork in December with anticipation of snow, boy was I surprised at all the snow we have had this year in Toronto. This 5×7 high quality print of the original painting has high definition and detail along with vibrant color. The print is wrapped in tissue paper and then placed in a cellophane envelope prior to mailing to protect the photo. First Snow – don’t we all secretly anticipate that first snow flake as it falls and twinkles in the air. The trees transform into a picturesque scene out of White Christmas, and the autumn leaves that are trying desperately to hang on to what is left of the season appear magical with all of their vibrant colors and a hint of white, however I would have to admit that although this Winter we did have many snow days, that First Snow of the season is always magical. This wintry 5×7 print is a reminder of the beauty in the cold months that follow after the Christmas rush has passed, and on a hot July afternoon when the humidity has seeped into the house and there isn’t a cool spot to be found, perhaps a glimpse of First Snow will not only give you a bit of relief from the heat, but a smile on your face knowing that the seasons will once again change.


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