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This 5×7 high quality photo print is a copy of an original drawing with soft pastels. The drawing was done a few years ago and the inspiration was Voltare, Italy. Quant villages with colorful houses all within a few steps of each other might seem archaic and old world, but wouldn’t it be lovely to wake up on a Sunday morning to the sound of church bells ringing and the aroma of espresso being made as the towns people prepare to gather for Mass. The quietness of a small village and every one smiling and greeting you as you walk over to the market for fresh bread- I can already feel the stress flowing away as I dream of Voltare, Italy. The print is a 5×7 high quality photo and although this is .. a print- the colors appear as vibrant as the original drawing. This print can be cherished or wrapped and presented as a gift – do you know anyone who is dreaming of far away places … small towns and… the sounds of bells ringing in the village?



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