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This 5×7 print of an original oil on canvas. “Where the wind blows” is printed on high quality photo print and this abstract painting was created as a going away gift for someone very special to me. When friends move on its always exciting and whimsical for them to go on an adventure to far away places and however happy we are in their joy, we tend to feel a little heavy hearted at their absence from our every day life. This painting is a significant piece of my healing as I found a way to give a small piece of myself to go along for the travels. Where the wind blows is about hope, beauty and love. No matter where the wind blows it will always lead you to where you are suppose to be in that moment. The prints quality and definition is high as the colors pop out of the photo making you feel as though they are blowing your way. With various colours and shapes, this print would look lovely in just about any room or any small space


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