Whimsical Art, Sweet Treats & Enchanted Stories

These Art Cards are created from my original paintings and have a dreamy flare to them. The cards are blank inside except for a whimsical quote that brings the reader to a place where they feel anything is possible. “An evening in Venice”, was created with imagination and a strong desire to stroll along the sidewalk as twilight approaches the ancient city of Venice and experience the magical transformation from daylight to the beauty of an evening in one of the most romantic places in the world.
“Moondust” was created using my imagination of what a little café would look like in the heart of a small town in Louisiana. A dark and mysterious building on the corner of the street- a place where the locals can stroll in for a cup of cinnamon coffee and a warm apple muffin. Both cards are created to take you away to a different place in the world, and allow your wanderlust to take over as you crave to close your eyes and imagine being in that place …if only for a moment. These cards can be gifts for any occasion, to cheer, say hello, or celebrate life.


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