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Social media is full of different versions of  peoples reality right now with so many opinions, beliefs and articles that it becomes overwhelming. Recently there was a letter posted about Disney loosing it’s magic, Paris losing the romance and New York not standing tall anymore and it made me sad… to think that the magic is gone.   Weeping Willow trees represent a sense of whimsical for me because they are usually old with withered trunks, the leaves droop down and at times touch the ground, they are usually large trees that take up a lot of space…. but to me the Willow is .. magic.

Usually when you come across one of these trees they are full and can provide a shady spot to plant yourself with a good book and spend an afternoon reading away.   During our last month of isolation I take my morning walks before work and pass a big, aged Weeping Willow that is patiently waiting to bloom into something enchanting .. and it makes me feel like everything is going to be ok once this tree begins to bloom green.   I specifically pass it on my walk because it creates a sense of wonder for me….  until the other day when I walked by and it had… disappeared.  I had to stop and check the street I was on just to make sure I was on the right block .. the tree was gone and nothing was left but the trunk.  I felt… let down. Why would someone cut down this beautiful ,and in the summer shady tree from their property.. .. so the magic really is gone?

Have you ever believed in something or someone and really allowed yourself to trust in that person or thing.. thinking that no matter what you do or how much you might mess up that person or belief will still be there… only to find out the hardest of ways that life let’s you down at times no matter how hard you try.   If there is one thing I have learned the last few weeks during this challenging time its that we cannot stop believing in the magic… Yes there is tragedy and isolation, there is change and even death .. but as long as we are still here there is still much to believe in.

Begin with believing in yourself … be humble not just during this difficult time but every single day .. giving a piece of your heart to someone makes you generous, it makes you kind and it makes you ..magic.  People will let you down, they will break your heart and sometimes they will walk away when you need them most.. disappear like the Willow tree ……maybe I am dreamer …. no not maybe .. I am a dreamer, but I will always believe in good hearts,  in finding and being the best of yourself you can be, in forgiving the mistakes and finding the silver lining in all of this.   I believe we will come out of this kinder, more gentle, more generous, more affectionate and more appreciative of the simple things and the everyday.   I miss my friends, my family, my work family my cup of Starbucks… even my Willow tree… and while I was creating this piece of my heart I was missing something even more .. I was missing the magic!.  .. so I painting this to remind myself to smile, to forgive, to give back and to just be the best of me that I can be…oh .. and most importantly… to stay a dreamer… and still believe…

Until we meet again,  Stay safe  Katerini

PS. you know I always end these with a song .. really listen to what Bon Jovi has to say ..





















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