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They say home is where the heart is, and I for one can tell you this is true. Growing up my parents and I didn’t own a home, my father was the only one working while my mom stayed home to care for me. I often wished for a place to call home … don’t get me wrong, we lived in a comfortable house with all the necessities but I was always aware that it wasn’t ours; one of the houses my parents rented while I was a teen didn’t allow visitors past a certain hour, mom couldn’t cook some of her favorite dishes because the smell of mint was strong and the owners downstairs complained, as a young girl I would lie in bed worried I would do something that would cause them to ask us to leave our home.. And then where would we go?

It was about ten years ago I read “The lady in the Palazzo” by Marlena De Blasi;  truly a lovely read about a couple that buy an ancient villa in Umbria and the adventure they experience as they begin their life in this new place… the book captured my heart at the endless possibilities this place brought to them; new friends, new recipes, new moments and so much love.

I have been searching for most of my life for my own Palazzo… and this drawing is an interpretation of what I imagine it would look like if I ever found it.

Soft pastels were used to create “The lady in the Palazzo”, and the Art paper I used was a baby blue for the background.

The drawing connected with my heart in a very deep and loving way.  I wish it inspires you to look around your surroundings and savour all the moments spent with family, all the wonderful laughter and warm and loving experiences you have in your own home… the palace you have created in your life.  Although I am happy in my own home as a grown up, I still believe there is a part of me that is searching for that perfect moment where I gaze outside my window, or in my Kitchen where my husband purchased a rustic harvest table for me that seats twelve a few years back.. Of course we don’t include both panels on the table or we wouldn’t have any room to move around in the kitchen, but I am still hoping that my perfect day will come where I am able to use those extra panels and surround myself at the table full of true friendship, family, love and joy… with laughter, delectable food, the sweetest wine and … that feeling of certainty that all is finally as I had wished for as a little girl… I wish to be “The lady in the Palazzo”.. My Palace …. Finally.

Until we meet again, Katerini

“ I preferred one waltz with a beauty, than a lifetime with someone less rare” Marlena De Blasi – the book “lady in the Palazzo”.

click the link to hear my thoughts with the song “Long time coming” and enjoy ” The lady in the Palazzo”






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