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As many ways as there are to express my gratitude for all of you who helped make The Lakeview Market a magical experience for me.  Everyone who ventured downtown, my dear friends, and neighbours who I consider family, for my family… you don’t know how special it feels to see the kids running up to my booth,  for all the people who wished me well and couldn’t be there, (I know your heart was thinking of me . ..I felt it!),  a special thanks to my husband who encourages me to take chances and never give up on my dreams, Carm- who was at my house at 8:00am with a bag full of healthy food, water and spirit, she was with me the entire day we got home after midnight and yet… I felt her belief in my creativity… .  I want to say thank you to my Mom.. she is my inspiration.  She paints, draws, writes poetry and stories.  She holds my hand at every turn of my life and although she couldn’t be there last weekend, I felt her love and it gave me the last bit of confidence I need.    Preparing for a show takes months I was already sketching out plans, booth ideas, invitations, Artist statements, promotional material, frames, lighting, packaging.. it takes time to plan and in one weekend, I learned so much about the little things. … what I know for sure – I am truly blessed having all of you in my life.. every single person brings something a little different and your love fuels my inspiration … which then comes out in a drawing.. So thank you so much for being in my life!

Until we meet again, Katerini

Since this is a blog entry, I always end with a song and this one is from my forever favorite Artist- click the link





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