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Late August already and I am having a difficult time accepting that my Sweet Summer is slipping away.  I haven’t been able to get to the sands as of yet this year but my heart is always near the water.

My painting is an image I have instilled in my mind where the warm winds are blowing and the water is trickling across the sand rushing back into the lake to form a new tide.

I spent wonderful summers by the lake with my family.  I remember lying in bed at sunrise waiting to hear any kind of movement from across the street.   This is where my cousins lived.  My uncle would come out holding a large blue cooler filled with food and drink.  I would jump out of bed and my heart would literally be racing with joy because this meant that the decision had been made … we were all going to spend the day at the beach!

Soon after, I would see him packing chairs and bags full of blankets… the joy of the ride  surrounded by everyone I loved was pure bliss.  The memory is so clear, the voices of grandparents, the smell of charcoal BBQ’s, my fathers brown shorts and moms bathing suit.  The anticipation of rushing to water would almost make me dizzy, but we needed to help unload, and set up blankets, plates, and food.. practically jumping out of my skin I could smell the beach water, feel the sun’s shine and sand between my toes.

One, two, three, go!  Once I was allowed in, I always went to my favorite spot by the rocks where I would take some time to sit and swing my toes back and forth in the water.. this was my time to think and to dream .. and it all came so easily for me … at the beach.

Those days were gifts and I knew it back then… I felt such pleasure being in the water, the laughter we all shared by just gathering together.  As the sun slowly began to come down and the temperature changed we sat around eating sweet watermelon and wishing we didn’t have to leave this place …so much so that at times we made one last dash for a swim.  My Uncle Bill always made my summers special, even long after my dad became ill and my parents couldn’t come with us anymore, he always included me as part of his family and expected me to come rushing out once the hood of his big old car opened up!

I miss that time, I miss the way the tide sounds as it flows across the sand and surrounds our toes.. quickly rushing back into the lake.  I miss the gathering and everyone that has long past.. I miss the beach because it feels like home to me.

Above is a sun set over the water and sand ..somewhere out there the sun is setting on the lake at this very moment and my heart is right there … toes in the sand, wind flowing against my skin and magical memories in my heart..

Beach memories …

Until we meet again, – Katerini

Please click the link for a Summer song and really listen to the words… didn’t we all have one of those summers at some point?


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