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Strawberry Wine

Deep reds and pumpkin orange hues begin to appear just a few weeks after the September long weekend and although it is officially still summer, the flowers know the change that is coming. It is like that for people as well…. The last few days before the long September weekend, everything changes.

The hot July moon seems far away, and those endless summer nights are but a memory …one that will live in our hearts forever.

Picnics by the sea, and eating Al Fresco is the only way to truly enjoy the season… Ripe red tomatoes, tarty Kalamata olives, freshly baked bread and the perfect creamy cheese all carefully placed and accompanied by spring water and… Strawberry wine..

When I created this drawing my mind was on sweetness, on saying good bye to summer once more, to the wanderlust of days gone by when life was simpler and friends were all we needed to get through …. Remember …. Think back… the day’s right before school began.. Those moments of stolen kisses, walking on the beach and feeling the warmth of the hot sun on our faces…

Seasons change, and September comes… the flowers know it, the wind blows colder and days grow shorter… the suns light beam down on the wild flowers providing them with nourishment for just a little longer..

Summer helps us to remember our innocence, it brings a calmness and a place to breathe.. With only a few days left before the official goodbye for one more year.. Set up your outdoor table with vibrant and sweet fruits, cheeses, breads and spreads, invite your favorite persons over and have a toast with Strawberry Wine to the coming of autumn and all its wonder….

To the person who purchases Strawberry Wine, the drawing is an inspiration and represents endless summer nights, the memories that we cherish during this warm season and also how quickly the colors change once the September long weekend has come and gone.. Reds and yellows, golds and greens, the flowers know when it is time … it is in these precious few weeks that I wish you to explore, savor, dream and love… and have a taste of that Strawberry Wine!


“Strawberry Wine, Seventeen.. The hot July moon saw everything.. My first taste of love.. Oh bittersweet, the green on the vine.. Like Strawberry Wine” Song by Deana Carter   http://www.jango.com/music/Deana+Carter



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