Whimsical Art, Sweet Treats & Enchanted Stories

My first thought when I was contemplating what to write on my blog was … how do I start?, and after much pondering I came up with this; Hi, my name is Katerini and this is my blog. It will be filled with creativity, wonderful places that I dream of visiting,as well as my paintings and drawings of these far away places.  My paintings will always come with a story to share.  I am also a writer in the middle of editing my very first book,  a story about a picturesque small town, a girl who follows her dreams to a place that takes her away from her family and friends.  It’s about a café that serves the sweetest of peach pies and the perfect cup of cinnamon coffee,  stained glass windows and pretty cake stands …the perfect setting to start over, oh and did I mention a ghost? It couldn’t be Louisiana if there wasn’t someone lurking in the shadows to complicate the dream now would it!   And finally, I guess you’re wondering why the name … Sprinklesofmoondust?.   It started with a walk through the park on a summers eve, a little girl who believes in magic, and an enchanted full moon that glittered in the moonlight.  My dad always took me to the park on warm nights and we studied the moon.  So many stories, so much imagination and so much love. …. The paintings, the writing, the fables, all stem from a moment in time when innocence and the ability to truly believe in something more… influenced my very soul.  My dad had me so enchanted in his tales, I searched the moon for something more… something magical, something whimsical… perhaps … even …. a Sprinkleofmoondust..   Talk to you soon, … Sincerely, Katerini

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