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Spring has finally graced us with her presence and everywhere around the world people are opening windows and cleaning out closets.. as much as we love Winters beauty it is time for blossoms, blooms and new beginnings.   Although the trees remain bare and the grass hasn’t changed to a deep green just yet the season brings rain which helps the flowers grow and once those plants appear within sight we are assured that not too long from now the laughter of children will be heard in the streets and the musical Ice Cream truck will drive by …

Spring Planter was painted with a mix of acrylic and oils; the colors carefully chosen as gentle wildflowers nestle together in a wooden planter that fits just perfectly right below my window.

Whether you live here in Toronto or somewhere in Paris… when you wake up on a bright Spring morning and open your windows to a glorious day… your Spring planter will be right outside waiting to be adored.

Don’t wait too long to plant your own seasonal flowers as they become available.. they will bring you hope, beauty and comfort knowing that the flowers are making their way back into the city and our lives….

Happy Spring to all!

Until we meet again,  Katerini




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