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Before I share this story with you, I wanted to let you know I will be at Harborfront this weekend July 21,22, and 23, my booth number is 27. If you are in the area of Queens Quay, please pop over and visit me.

When you hear Paris what image immediately comes to mind? Would it be the lovely Seine River, or perhaps the Notre Dame … do you have the view set clearly in your mind?

l ‘ll try this again… I say Paris.. you immediately imagine a Chocolaterie or a Boulangerie that bake fresh breads and crusty baguettes?

So how many of you skipped this wonderful mix of enchantments and instantly you envisioned the Eiffel Tower?

That’s ok if you did, I do it all the time… the eternal structure with glittering lights and powerful presence is difficult to forget…

However, somewhere else in the outskirts of the city of lights, there is a petite village where the hustle and bustle is just faintly heard, where the sun sets and families gather, where the wild flowers bloom and the fruits are carefully picked.

Beneath the wonder of it all… there is peace, there is culture and there is …life.

This painting is a representation of what the townspeople see each morning as they look out their window… as they look up after twilight when the tower lights turn on and shine down on the city… the colors in the village become even more vibrant and … just as the last door locks these folks get ready for bed … I imagine they look out their window and up into the night sky…. At this miraculous view … this all happens beneath the magical tower… each and every day.

High above the tower stands tall, surrounded by romance, mystic, power,  electricity and a long ways down in this quaint town the image they look up to is almost dreamlike… a fairy tale about a place high above the sky where there is so much history, beauty and so many possibilities.

Wouldn’t that be a wonderful way to live? It is almost as though these people have a kept secret…

Beneath the magical tower, they have found a charmed life of their own… Sous la tour magique. https://www.last.fm/music/Dean+Martin/_/Under+the+Bridges+of+Paris









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