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One of my fondest memories growing up would be my room on the third floor of the house my parents rented.  It had the best view of my neighborhood as I was able to see the tips of trees, roof tops and alley ways. 
Each season has its glory; In the coldest of winter the sunsets were spectacular, and just as wonderful in the hot summer months when the sun rose early hitting my window with just enough light to warm my face through the window.
 Although the view was different every day depending on the weather, it was the hour of Twilight where I usually brought up a cup of tea and sat on my moms old trunk watching the sun slowly fade away.  The precious minutes between 4:30 and 4:45pm I would witness greens turn into bright yellows and pinks as the sun shined down on rooftops and windowpanes.  The snow looked brighter and each snowflake sparkled like a jewel; I remember the feeling with excitement, and intensity.  Some people wish upon the moon at midnight or the stars as they shine bright, but I made my wishes during Twilight because I truly believe it is the most magical time of the day.    
With a warm honey tea I observed the quiet at this time as people made their way in for supper.  There is a sense of wonder, peace.. that the day has just about come to an end, and evening is almost upon us.  Conversations were being shared at the table, everyone was safely inside enjoying family time, and all was right in the world.. during Twilight.  I loved my room on the third floor, my moms old trunk filled with treasures she had slowly purchased through out the years, and my own parents downstairs preparing dinner, as the forks made a clunking sound and the plates were placed on the table.  Oh what I wouldn’t give to hear the voices speaking to each other once again.. It was a time of serenity, safety, love and the beauty…. and I celebrated it with my cup of tea and eyes shining brightly.   The sun began to set, the chimneys were smoking , the air was chilled and the snow glittered when the sun made its way passed.  …. Twilight.. In a time where I sometimes feel the magic is so hard to find.. when the world seems dark and fearful… when all hope seems lost.. I still take a moment during this time of day to.. find the light and all the colors that change the world instantly reminding myself that the magic is still out there… waiting to be unleashed.. for me that time is Twilight and it all started as I sat on the top of my moms old trunk, watching the colors of my neighbourhood change within minutes.. it all started at Twilight back in 1985 on the third floor.
Until we meet again,  Katerini   

If you take a moment to click the link –  and listen to the words .. I mean really listen to them.. you will see why I loved listening to this song.. in my room at Twilight, so much so that it remained in my memory and helped create the painting above.



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