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Remember what it felt like to be on summer vacation?  The long hot days would be endless and everything around us glowed with the warmth of the sun.  There were late nights on the porch with loved ones, the sweetest of watermelon being eaten as the juice ran down your cheek, an overall feeling of happiness, it felt like summer had silently brushed your lips with a wonderful kiss and a basket full of memories that would last forever.

On those hot days of sweet summer the flowers stand proud and their vibrant hues sparkle in the sun’s light….. Eventually though… late August does arrive as promised and with it comes a brand new set of emotions.   The last days in August send a touch cooler breeze our way and the evening sun doesn’t grace us for too long….we reach for light sweaters or throws to warm our toes; anticipation begins to grow with the change of the season.

 We long for one last kiss… as the flowers begin to stand just a little closer together they are working harder to glow and illuminate the garden… some will lose their glory sooner than others, but they work united as a team to hang on … just a bit longer.  I watched a Monarch butterfly land on one of my yellow wildflowers today, and with each tickle that it gave my wildflowers found new life… Whatever it is that makes summertime special for you …. take the last few days of August and make it happen!  Whether it be eating a gelato with your best friend on the steps of your front porch, taking a walk along the boardwalk and soaking in the sunshine, or just spending time in your garden enjoying the beauty of nature’s gifts, wildflowers, butterflies and perhaps if your lucky a gentle wind will kiss your cheek and you will get your “one last kiss”… before summer makes her exit.  …

Until we meet again,    Katerini

   “One Kiss”


I sit here looking at the stars in the sky
Making their patterns
As breezes blow by
I recognize something
As it comes into view
A face in the stars
And it’s youOne kiss to last a lifetime
One kiss I remember it all
One kiss… Song by Kim Carnes





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