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It has been some time since my last post and the tree has been up for a few weeks so I wanted to share my annual photo of my Christmas tree.  When Santa came to town on November 18 2018 I wasn’t sure if I was up to going down and participating in the festivities but the entire morning I felt a little push to get myself ready and get going down to the place I always watch the parade every year with my family.  Perhaps it was the emotional time I had with my mom being ill or watching her slow down this year she just looked so frail I wasn’t in a festive mood.  However while driving down to the corner of Euclid and Bloor an emotion so strong came over me and I knew I was making the right choice by keeping the tradition alive.  My dad had a very tender spot for Christmas and he attended the parade every year.   Even that last Christmas before his passing, he slowly walked down to his favorite spot and took part in the festivities.  His eyes sparkled as he watched the floats go by and just before the rest of the crowd began to part ways.. I watched  him sneak home and I had smiled knowing he had enjoyed it.   Although traditions are wonderful to keep they do get just a bit more difficult when the people that share them with you are not there any longer.  My parents brought Christmas into my life, they taught me the reason behind the celebration and ensured I honored the day.. they also taught me to be humble and kind with myself and with others.  Christmas shouldn’t be about lists and requests, the gifts come from the heart whether big or small they are always appreciated.   I have been disheartened about the traditions and the gifts lately because they sometimes turn into expectations and for me… this is not what I believe the holiday represents.   This is my feeling and I am sharing it with you.  We all get caught up in the right Christmas gift, and the hustle and bustle of the parties and gatherings..  I am just feeling a little nostalgic and I was reminded on that drive down to the parade while thinking about my dad.. that although I might not have the “right” gift , perhaps I didn’t buy it from the right store or maybe it wasn’t something the person desired.. it is possible… however it was my gift ..my thought of the person and my heart that wrapped it with love and sent it your way… If we reject it simply because it isn’t our color or name brand,  we reject the thought, the love that goes behind it.

I grew up with limited gifts and finances, my parents had their struggles, but I always felt rich … because I had the traditions, and cherished each and every cousin and didn’t know the difference between sibling and cousin… they were all my siblings to me… When you don’t have siblings, the people that come into your life are ..your family !  I had quality time decorating the house with my parents, and that quiet time when we would close the lights and leave the tree on .. just to feel the magic!  I didn’t get the name brands and the quantity of gifts but whatever my mom managed to wrap up for me.. was opened with excitement and joy just the same.  I couldn’t imagine giving it back to her and letting her know it was not wanted.

The Christmas tree was the most enchanted in our home and we each still have an ornament of our own that shares a special spot on my tree.  My dad is no longer with us to pick his special place so my mom and I do it for him and so my tree represents memories, family, laughter, and love…  It takes me hours to decorate the tree as I try and find the perfect spot for each cherished jewel that I add as each one represents a story, a moment in time, a memory.. and it will sit on the tree each year lovingly.

I am trying not to feel disheartened by the overall change in Christmas spirit but wish that all of you think back to a time in your life when the gesture of kindness made your heart full and spending time with friends , and family was truly what makes the holiday meaningful .  Once that seat becomes empty it never gets replaced however I have found a way to keep my dad in my heart always … especially at Christmastime.. and so my tree represents our love, and our family and those we call family along the way.. I hope you enjoyed the story and my tree.. Oh Christmas tree!

Please click onto the link as this is my gift to all of you this year.. this was my favorite song growing up and my husband managed to find a beautiful snow globe that plays this exact song.. such a simple gift yet one that I will cherish forever…

Take a listen!

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