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Autumn has always been my favorite time of year; the turning leaves, crisp fresh air, Halloween and pumpkin pie! However this year I seem to be having a difficult time letting go of Summer.  Perhaps it is because we have had many extreme humid days where staying inside seemed to be the best option, but there is change that happens at the end of August where the flowers sway just a little bit more as they prepare themselves for their finale.  The Sunflowers huddle together creating a breathtaking beauty and the Daisies dance in the soft wind, creating wildflower images far beyond our imagination.  The sun beams down just a little earlier and the vibrant colors create a portrait in an instant.     The last few weeks of Summer I worked on something new.. while the flowers still sparkle and appear to be at their highest point of beauty I created “My Secret Garden”.   Above is an Acrylic painting on Wood and I have worked on Ceramic plant pots; adding color and flowers, hoping to capture a bit of the season.  …… Next Saturday September 15, 2018 I will be in Kleinburg for the day at the Annual Binder Twine Festival, featuring “My Secret Garden” for something a little different.  I believe the SprinklesofMoondust that touch each and every Garden assist the growth of the flowers along with their transformation.  If you have some time to stroll through the town, treat yourself to Apple Strudel homemade, and different flavors of Fudge, walk along the street and meet the Artisans that work so hard creating their personal beauty for us all.. and once you get to the Starbucks you will see me.. and “My Secret Garden”.  I love wildflowers; they bring me joy, hope and as I watch them transform I see the magic that happens overnight.  It is quiet and timely .. making me believe that anything can happen and that there is hope in all our tomorrows.  Hope to see your smile on Saturday! 

At Christmas I no more desire a Rose than wish a snow in May’s New Fangled Mirth;  but like of each thing that in season Grows”.  William Shakespeare

Until we meet again,  Katerini 

Please take a moment .. beautiful song and one that clearly speaks to my heart and to all of you!







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