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Growing up in the city certain noises like a lawn mower working very hard  on a Sunday morning and the jingle sound of the Ice Cream Truck on a Summers eve were so familiar, children yelling and laughing in the school yard just across the street;  these became soothing sounds that remind me of seasons past.   For a time my parents and I lived on a picturesque street – Palmerston Gardens … this street is surrounded by aged trees, flowers , 100 year old homes with bay windows and in June… Lilacs!  There are Lilacs everywhere, growing wild in the front yards of almost every home and the fragrance is sweet and lingering … I will never forget the smell of Lilacs.

There is a time for everything and Lilacs also have their moments in June.. in the evening as the sun begins to set.. my favorite time as you all know- Twilight-, the temperature begins to drop a degree or two , the wind begins to make its way into the evening and gently sway the Lilacs back and forth ..just enough for them to re awaken from the hot sun and let out a magical potion.. a fragrance so lovely it never leaves my heart.

We spent many June evenings sitting on the porch , taking in the sounds of the city, the whispering trees that talk to each other at night as the leaves rustle creating a calming emotion, the smell of charcoal bbq lingering just enough to entice our taste buds, even though we have had our dinner.. and conversation, story telling and sharing that was always welcome … Palmerston Gardens is a very special part of my childhood and has a place in my series of Seasons in the city because this street and this time in my life … the trees , the warm summer nights, the storytelling and …. the Lilacs! all contributed to my memories of growing up in the Annex.

The drawing “Lilacs on Palmerston Gardens” – my interpretation of the house I lived in with my parents and the Terra cotta colored house next door where my first friend lived…. Cindy and I were inseparable .  It was an innocent time and a curious one – we did get into mischief by hiding a little further away than we were suppose to,  swimming in the park pool just at the end of the street with our Sunday dresses on … “well that didn’t go unnoted”, and you might of guessed it… picking Lilacs from the neighbors yards and bringing them home to mom!  When I said innocent I meant whimsical-….

Just as each Season brings change with it, so did my time at the garden.  Cindy moved away and shortly after so did I … each memory a treasure that is stored away in my heart… and nothing more familiar, more soothing, more loving than the smell of Lilacs in June….

Where I am and wherever I will be in the future, What I know for sure … the fragrant smell of Lilacs always takes me home.

Until we meet again,  Katerini

I believe this summer tune will bring back a memory or two for you … please click the link and enjoy the season.






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