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Late Summer


Just as Summer settles into our soul and we allow ourselves the pleasure of its warmth, the calendar ticks away and we find ourselves in Late August. It creeps up on us with a subtle approach as the first of the leaves begin to change a slight color and we notice the flowers are beginning to lose their fullness.  For me, time begins to pick up pace as does my summer bucket list; So many things I still want to do before the end of Summer.  Vacations are coming to an end, and the children begin anticipating the new school year, suddenly I want to hold on to August.

This painting was created in 2008 on a breezy August afternoon, the bright blues and vibrant yellows represent the coming of the new season and even though Sunflowers do appear in the markets in late July, I don’t invite them into my home until…. Late summer when they are at their wildest as they stand tall .. it’s their time to shine!

Summer doesn’t officially disappear until mid September, but once the National Exhibition comes to town there is no doubt that change is just around the corner.  It’s time to work on my bucket list…. read one more novel, pull out a favorite old movie, spend an evening having dinner on the porch with the moon and my twinkle lights, and make my way down to the waterfront for a gelato and some sunshine.  It might sound like a lot to do in only a few short weeks but there is still time… a time for laughter, a time for play… .. Late Summer.

If anyone is interested in my drawing you can find it on Etsy.com under SprinklesofMoondust or contact me on my blog.  I would love to hear from you.

My wish for you all is to take in the last of what the season has to offer, stop and pick up some bright Sunflowers for your kitchen table, make a peach pie as peaches are at their sweetest right now and call a friend over to share a piece with, drink ice tea with slices of lemon and make time to watch a sunset with someone you love , these are the carefree days of Late Summer.

“The dreams begin to fade, like promises we made, how could a love that seemed so right go so wrong, That thing we did last summer, I’ll remember all winter long” …. Dean Martin

Until we meet again- Katerini

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