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Lake view outdoor market Art Festival – 235 Queens Quay West

July 7 from 12pm – 11pm

July 8 from 12pm – 7pm


The Lakeview market has become a Summer tradition in Toronto with Old World crafts, Local Artisans, Diverse food that will entice your taste buds, and melodic live music playing the background to create a wanderlust feeling even if you live in the city , coming down to the market will make you feel like a traveller for a day.


I am fortunate to be one of the Artisans participating in this year’s market and the Festival of the weekend is “Barbados on the water”, the beats will continue throughout the weekend and I urge you to try the Roasted corn, it is the sweetest corn I have ever tasted…. Buttery or plain you will not be disappointed.

I have been working on some new pieces of Art this year as part of my “Seasons in the City” project and would love to show my creations as they glow in the Sun’s light reflecting off our Lake.


Visiting the Lakeview market is all about pleasure, shopping, tasting and sipping on a cool drink or an evening stroll as the sun goes down and the sailboats turn on their twinkle lights crafting another magical scene. Either time convenient for you plan for it and make a day or night out on the waterfront … it’s leisure, family time or just a chance to come spend some time with me ..


I hope to see you there! I have a corner booth this year and am very excited to be a part of this Summers Event.

Cell phone – 416 854 1308




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