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Happy 2017 everyone! It is New Years Day and the sun has finally come out to celebrate with the rest of us.  Above is a photo of my Christmas tree, so much time and thought goes into putting up this creation of mine every year.  My tree represents all that I adore in this world, family, friends, memories, songs, even film, and putting up each ornament is another form of expression.  When I was a child my parents and I would take our special ornament and place it on the tree where it sparkled throughout the season.  Later on after I got married I carried the tradition over with my husband and now he has a few adoring ornaments of his own.  You see to me, it’s not just a tree,  a decoration that adds light to my home; it’s a symbol ..  Each ornament creates a memory, a smile and even a tear, and sharing it with my family and friends makes it even more wonderful.
I missed the countdown last night, I am under the weather, and felt disappointed this morning when I realized I didn’t get to experience the Kalendar countdown welcoming 2017,  although I have to say that as each year passes, I tend to shed a tear as the clock strikes twelve.  Another year gone by, time keeps on ticking and we begin a new chapter in our lives.  Depending on your emotional status on this Dec 31st,  New Years Eve can be quite an event, full of celebration as you welcome in 2017, and yet for others, it’s a time to ponder … perhaps missing someone or something that has been absent from your life the past year.
For me it is a bag of mixed emotions, It took me a long time to understand why my dad left us during the happiest time of the year, and as hard as I try to welcome the Kalendar ticking towards the new…  a tear still manages to escape me as I miss his laughter, his kind eyes as they sparkled when he sat by our Christmas tree, and his love…   but waking up this morning to the bright sunshine and a clear blue sky, I feel his love around me… So that is why  I spend hours putting up my tree … ensuring that every twinkle light is perfectly fitted in the right spot ensuring that it’s beauty is a reflection of how I feel about Christmas time, family, friends , love, …. and my dad. Letting him know that I do know he is here with me … always…..  Another year begins today,  so many possibilities and so much to look forward to… no matter how you choose to honour the Kalendar this year… I wish you happiness, peace , and mostly… I wish you … love.
Oh, and if your wondering why I keep spelling Kalendar with a K… it happens to be my favorite place to go when I want to feel like I can rewind the clock to another time.. if only for a few hours, when simplicity and intimacy was easier to find.   The restaurant on college is a quaint and nostalgic little spot that I have shared many savouring meals but it’s not as much the food as it is the stained glass windows, and deep red walls , and … the clock that hangs outside … as the Kalendar keeps ticking …. happy holidays to you!
Until we meet again,  – Happy New Year to all !   Katerini



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