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I have been holding on to posting this painting … waiting for snow.  Just a sprinkle would have to do.. it is the Christmas season and for my story to make the slightest impact on your heart I needed the snow..  and now that the white sparkles have made their way into the city and onto the rooftops I am sharing my next installment of Seasons in the City. 

In the bleak Mid-Winter

“Snow had fallen, Snow on Snow”, “In the bleak Mid-Winter, long ago”, Written by Christina Rosetti

This night is instilled in my memory, it was Mid-December and my father lay in the hospital after a very difficult surgery; his recovery time was indefinite. Mom and I sat in the living room feeling unsettled, trying to decide if we should buy a Christmas tree even though our hopes of having dad home for the holiday did not appear promising. It was just the two of us, we loved the season and so did my father and after much pondering we set out on this snowy evening to Honest Ed’s where we could buy an artificial tree. The year was 1986, I was 16years old. I believe our anticipation and growing excitement after we purchased this tree in a box must of fogged up our logic, because we had no car, no taxi in sight and the snow had begun to come down quite quickly.

It only stopped us for a mere few moments, we took an end and began walking through the neighbourhood cutting through the lane and travelled along London St towards home. The darkness had set in however the light from the snow guided our way, and on that walk we had the most magical talk. We encouraged each other, we planned out our holiday together, at times we walked in silence listening to the snow crunch under our boots. In that serene time I focused on the roof tops of the houses; twinkling white, and the lights on each porch … it was such a perfect night. The box had to be set down a few times, but home wasn’t too far away on Euclid Ave. As we walked I remember thinking the Christmas lights sparkled creating a whimsical picture and I do believe I caught a snowflake or two on my tongue as we spoke. My cheeks felt cold yet I was feeling warm inside from the neighbourhood lights, the snowflakes falling and my mom … her soothing voice letting me know we will be ok this holiday.. together.

Once we arrived home, I remember standing on the porch.. Thinking.. I knew it was coming.. the snow!… I knew that very morning that the snow would arrive.. “I smell snow!” I must have repeated to all my friends, “I do, and it’s coming soon”.

Once the tree was inside, we had dinner and began to decorate … saving my dad’s ornament for him, in hopes that he might spend Christmas with us after all…

The tree looked like a big Christmas present, the two of us sat on the floor by the tree and sipped hot chocolate..

That night, with the combination of the new fallen snow, the walk, our Christmas tree, and my mom… I knew that we would be ok.. because we had each other.

In case you’re wondering my dad did come home for Christmas days before December 25th, and he loved “our” tree.. and he was able to place his ornament on the tree beside ours.

In the bleakest of winters, just when I thought we would miss the holiday all together, magic happened..

Was it the tree? The journey? My mom? Or just …. Christmas! I believe it was all of it combined … that and …. The snow… long ago!

Until we meet again, Katerini 

And my story is never complete without the music.. this version is truly my favorite! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cHR9NJxj-SU








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