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Well it’s here! Not officially of course because Winter arrives in late December, but we have definitely begun the season early.  Last Sunday we welcomed Santa with a mix of wind and flurries as the Annual Santa Claus Parade passed through town.  There are still some leaves on the trees and you can catch a glimpse color as a few flowers remain standing proud fighting the frost, but overall … with the coming of the “First Snow” , we know that Winter is approaching.  It is a magical time … the air is crisp and for those of you that know me personally… ” I can smell it coming”, I say this every year… Snow… ..and “First Snow” is my dedication to all things Winter.. and its beauty.

I went to the Santa Claus Parade this year with my family … and no..it is not just for little people- For me the parade is symbolic and close to my heart. As a child my family and I would bundle up and watch the enchanted floats from the top of a local building.. the best seats in town.. except when it came to coming down after it was over… I always needed some help with that.. but the Sunday of the parade meant hot chocolate, baked cookies, candy canes and…. the beginning of the Season.  We spend time remembering and feeling nostalgic about all things past, sometimes we tend to feel that it’s too late to capture those kind of innocent emotions again.. so much time gone by, so much change… people have left our lives and new people have joined us… but standing in the frosty weather, bundled up in layers, sipping a hot cup of cocoa with loved ones, and catching a flash of sparkle in their eyes as the parade went by, I believe that nothing is lost… just waiting to be missed and remembered.

Someone asked me the other day… aren’t you too old to go watch Santa?… My dad use to join us every year and he would make it seem as though he came for me.. but when I grew older … he would bundle up, and slip away with his friends for an hour or so… he had the best seat in town; the coffee shop near our house had a perfect view.. although we never talked about it… I knew …. he watched it every year…

So to answer the question.. am I too old for Santa- Never! …because.. I believe. … Christmas is a time to share, to give your heart, and to remember..  as the snowflakes fall softly all around us.. I welcome Christmas time,  Jack Frost and all the season brings our way.  Make new  memories , take a walk on a snowy evening -savour the quiet, sip a cup of chocolate delight with a friend,  hug your family , and mostly …. embrace the memories , for they are waiting to be loved again…. in our hearts.

“First Snow” is dedicated to the season – Winter in all it’s glory.

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