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Summer.  Warm temperatures, suntan lotion, beach days and travels to places unknown.  So many different doors to open, new finds to discover and memories to cherish.  How would you like to spend your summer vacation? Close to home, rummaging through the garage and finding forgotten treasures that have been missing for months, tackling organization in the basement and hosting a few festive barbeques? or are you a wanderer?   Is your ideal vacation somewhere secluded like a cottage up north, or exploring new bike paths ? and if you are a traveler where are you in your mind right this second?   Is your vacation a flight away to Europe or a sweet Southern Town?

Wherever you decide to go and how ever you wish to choose your time during the hot summer months, I hope you find the relaxation you so deserve.   When I was a teenager I would sit on my porch and daydream about spending a Summer in Greece.   In this daydream there would be a time old house near the sea with a rustic wooden blue door surrounded by potted flowers and grape vines.  My wardrobe would be simple, gypsy skirts, off the shoulder blouses and comfortable sandals for walking on the white sands.  I imagined the bouzouki musically entertaining the crowds and the aroma of charcoal grilled Souvlaki with lots of lemon sprinkled on top.  My blue wooden door was always in my day-dream. It represented a portal to an enchanted place anything was possible on the other side.  Perhaps my view from the back window would be the salted sea with the water as blue as the sky on a clear day.  I always imagined a reading nook where I could sit and read or write.. a quiet place just for me overlooking one of the most beautiful countries in the world.  The culture, food, music, tradition and of course history.. would all be waiting , welcoming and encouraging me to let go… if only for a summer…let go of the worry, the responsibility …  live and cook like the locals.

I heard many stories from my parents about a place where they grew up.  Some of those memories were painful and many were glorious.  Simplicity was the key to happiness.  Full bright moonlit nights were perfect for sleeping outdoors, Summers spent out on the porch singing songs and reciting poems… it all sounds so lovely to me.

In my daydream you will always find me… by the sea with a notebook, pen in hand, and in this story of mine there will always be a rustic blue door inviting me to walk through and begin my endless summer.. …

….This painting above is an expression of my daydream, and a wish for all of you to take some time this summer to play, laugh, splash, and walk through the door of your dreams…. Happy Summer !

Until we meet again- Katerini











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