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It has been a while hasn’t it.  October is one of my favorite months on the calendar, with the turning color of the leaves , Thanksgiving celebrations , birthdays…I was born in October.. the harvest moon, and mostly about things to come….This particular October the leaves took their time to transform into the beautiful oranges and deep reds; with the weather still above seasonal we have had an extra long season.  I wanted to share a special painting I had created for a friend that inspired me with her kindness.  I haven’t seen her in years however I have not forgotten her and hope that “Autumn in Paris” is still being enjoyed and treasured.
Here is the story that inspired this particular piece.
France became an inspiration in my thirties after reading Peter Mayle “ A year in Provence” ; this one book is all it took to become smitten with everything French.  …..By the time I met Emily, I had read stacks of travel books on Paris, experimented with recipes from French Cook books, and dreamed of one day lying under the Eifel Tower just staring up till I reached the very top.
Emily and I connected instantly. There are people we meet and have that Serendipitous moment; it’s unexplainable and completely unpredictable but wonderful just the same. 
 I am lucky to of spent those hours talking to her … not as “ Actress Emily” but as Emily the girl, with a kind heart, witty sense of humour, honeyed nature, yet resilient to all that life has thrown along her path.  What a delight it was to sit and open my heart to this person who was a stranger only a few hours before.
When it was time to go,  I wanted to gift her with something that she would remember me by, and also something that reflected her beauty inside and out. .. so I created “Autumn in Paris” . The warm colours reflect her personality, the blue skies her spirit, she has made the impossible, possible, and my wish for her is to spend an “Autumn in Paris”, exploring the sites, tasting the sweet treats, sipping the wine, and lying under the Eifel Tower to catch a glimpse of blue sky through the iron lattice structure. …. Paris..her beauty, her culture, her sparkle… with never ending possibilities, Just like Emily…
They say that people come into our lives for a moment,  a reason , season or a lifetime.. Whatever the reason, I am happy to of had the chance to spend some time with her, and ” Autumn in Paris” is my … thank you.. my expression of happiness to of had those talks, and mostly it was and still is my wish for her.. to spend Autumn in Paris.  
And for you …my friends that are reading along,
 May you find yourself at the foot of the tower one day, with all its wonder .
 Whether you choose see the city from the top of the tower, or look up from the park below… your dreams are limitless…. so dream away.
Paris en automne – Autumn in Paris, … Hey did I get that right?
Until we meet again,

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