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I took a break from the Seasons series this week to finish a painting I started earlier in the year for a childhood friends mom who was celebrating her 71 birthday this week.  A tale as old as time is a gift from us to her .. I say us because Sergio helped me complete the painting adding some details that made it just right. 

Today was a difficult day for me, spent caring for my elderly mom who wasn’t feeling well and so it made my dedication even more important for the reason that if your lucky to have a loving relationship with your parents.. and one of them passes away.. you don’t really understand how this affects the family .. you can try and sympathize, you can say u are sorry.. you can even try and imagine the feeling, but I can assure it changes everything.. and so after sitting by my moms side praying she will be ok.. I think its most appropriate to send off a story about .. “a mom” and her story… I hope I honored her and captured her tale in this painting and story below:.. Here we go!

In a small town in Calabria, Italy the early traditions are still followed to this very day. Freshly baked bread on a Sunday morning being prepared for the weekly family gathering, church bells jingling to a sweet melody alerting everyone it is time for the service and a sense of peace that is found as the entrance to S. Antonio welcomes all who chose to worship.

It is here in Fabrizia that Bruno Aloe and Carmela Monteleone along with their children Antonio, Vincenzo, Maria, Giuseppe and Pompeo celebrated with food, drink, festivals, serenading music; appreciating the simplicity of this magical rural town and it was this very place where Maria learned to become such a delectable cook. Today we find our Gnocchi at the grocery door and our pizza is easily ordered on the phone, but not at her table. Maria has learned the art of cooking from the finest teachers and continues to make her own fresh pasta and stuffed cabbage that she serves at the family table today.

Fabrizia is where her story began; a place where dreams are dreamed, wishes are made ..a place where love was found. S. Antonio remains the foundation of the town, as the time worn church stands tall. Not only a house of God, but somewhere to find comfort where families like Bruno and Carmela brought there children on Sundays.

At this very church, Peter would of waited for his young bride to arrive as I was drawing the church I could almost hear the bell chimes ringing, I imagine Maria and Peter on the steps of this divine church smiling at each other …together they went off on a big adventure … a new place they would call home.

I wanted to capture the emotion, the antiquity and charm of Fabrizia in this painting as I want to honour this woman who to Sergio and I has always offered her heart and her love.

As a young girl, Maria and Peter opened their home to me, I shared in family holidays, Sunday dinners, celebrations and warm summer evenings on the porch .. Oh and don’t forget the wine! In some way I would like to think I am part of this story, this tale about family, history, hard work, courage and well there was the ice cream!   Banana and chocolate ice cream was carefully placed in the upstairs freezer where every once in a while… she would call us for a sweet treat.. To a young girl who was only a visitor, it seemed like such a wonderful offering .. one that added to my memories.

Maria you welcomed me at your long family table – and the memory I will always cherish is having the honor of sitting next to you and Peter at dinner and feeling like I belonged… of course that could of very well been the homemade wine !

Along the streets of Fabrizia the story began with a young girl named Maria, a wish … and the courage to live out her dreams..

Chi si volta e che si gira… Sempre a casa va Finire..

Translation : No matter where you go or turn you will always end up home.


Until we meet again, Katerini

The story won’t be complete without the song: Please click the link









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