My story

Who says you are too old to need your dad? This year my emotions are heightened with everything that has been going on around us and I find myself thinking about my father more.  At times I have felt overwhelmed with all the negative news and COVID counts that i try and tune it all out … and then he pops into my mind.  My dads journey was not an easy one but he was a fighter and he would want me to be just as strong and hopeful.   I found these photos today and wanted to share them with you .. because I want to honor his memory … with some fun facts about my dad.. He had many friends who called him Panos, short for Panagiotis, and he loved… cake! I mean he loved cake… look at that smile while he cuts a knife through that creamy cake, and the photo above.. I think he just wanted me to blow out those candles fast.. so he can have .. cake! .. He loved dressing up, and he loved hockey games , family , Christmas and .. stories.   He wasn’t much for sharing his own stories (I get the story telling from my mom), but he loved to listen to a good story over a cup of coffee.   This all might sound simple and his life was simple but a simple life .. one with love, laughter, food because he loved to cook, … and family he was very big on family.. it does’t get better than that.   Oh and steak.. he loved steak! I tell the stories now and i hope he still listens because i want him to know he is the hero in my story.  He taught me to be imaginative and appreciative, to be forgiving and proud, and to never be ashamed of who I am …
Today I am that girl in those photos, missing her dad. He is the hero in my story and I just wanted to find a way to share my memories and tell him I love him to the moon and back.. forever.  Do me a favor and listen to this song.. you will understand. Until we meet again, katerini


One thought on “My story

  1. Memories and sharing them honours you daddy dear girl.♥️
    Simplicity is the best thing to strive for. With less complications it allows your truest self to exist.
    Do what you love and what inspires your soul and nobody has the right to make that unimportant. Cook, bake, write, sculpt, dance, sing out loud, make others laugh, read to someone, plant things, donate to the needy, foster a child, adopt a pet, protest for a cause and so on. We all have different needs and desires. One is not greater then another. Surround yourself with love and kindness and when the world is not so nice or not so safe, you still will be loved and kindness will make you shine brighter. Then pay it forward over and over again.
    Beautiful post Kat♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️


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