What a song should do…

Someone asked me if I would be adding a story to each card set .. and I told them the story … right now stays the same.  It is about supporting each other, sharing laughter, finding ways to make each day hopeful , and remembering those who might not have the support they need to make it another day.  I will be painting for a while as I work on your cards and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support on this project.  The donations have been so generous and everyone who reached out to me has been so kind. ….. I am working on the cards a little at a time with each one of you in mind.   Thank you so much for supporting the Yonge St. Mission.

As for what inspired me on this set of cards… a song.  Music can be the most comforting, assuring and loving inspiration and the song needs to make you feel something! It should make you want to sing out loud, dance if you want to, cry if you need to… what ever you need it to do so you can feel hopeful … that is what a song should do!

Listen to Tom Hicks- What a song should do ! .. Listen the words and you will understand where my inspiration for these flowers came from.

Until we meet again,  Stay safe, Katerini







2 thoughts on “What a song should do…

  1. Beautiful Kat!!!
    Thank you so much for this set. I truly love them!!!
    Appreciation, generosity and gratitude is our saving grace during difficult times.
    Bravo girl!


  2. Great song…yes…the story..the cause….the mission……and you are that vessel to many..to help reach out and make a difference!..great job!


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