I need a hero


It has been a long while since I connected with you all and tonite I thought i would share my work in progress. I am sure we are all feeling the same confusion and uneasyness as this virus situation changes moment by moment.   I think the thing that we need to remember most is that we are all in this together and this alone should create a feeling of caring and kindness toward each other… I have not been able to draw or paint in months and it has been difficult to express myself in the way i know best which is to … create something from my heart.   This sketch of wildflowers just came out of nowwhere and gave me renewed hope for all of us.  

It lit the light that had dimmed inside me the past few months as I have been challenging myself to do better and have others see me in that light.  I was working so hard at trying to make others see me that i lost the person I truly am and for those of you that know me.. I see the good in everything .. until i am proven wrong.. over and over again. ..and still.. i find hope.   The painting is going to be called ” I need a Hero” and the sunflowers are the connections we make along our way, the people we encounter on the street that meet our eyes and smile, the friends we love and care so much for, our families and the stranger that might just need someone ..  to share a moment of kindness with..  ….  I was in the grocery store on Sunday and this woman who was alone shopping was having a difficult time finding the simplest necessities . She looked up at me with fear in her eyes and I smiled and assured her it will be ok.. panic has taken over and these people will be stuck with a lot of jam later on this year! She laughed then and reached out and grabbed my hand and said thank you .  A connection with a stranger can be such a powerful feeling, I know i wont forget her… If someone reaches out to you take the time,  be humble and kind in a time when we all need each other .   I am excited to start the painting but in the mean time hope you like the sketch and I wish that it makes you feel a little more connected to each other and to me.   I need a hero is my way of saying..it’s ok to be scared,  and it’s even more ok to need a connection to help you along the way.  Be safe, take care , and until we meet again, –  Katerini

7 thoughts on “I need a hero

  1. Dearest Kat,
    Your painting is beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing your feelings with us all.
    Welcome back to creating lovely expressions of art.

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  2. As usual..simply beautiful. Both the art and your soft, warm and encouraging words. Keep looking for the light in the darkest of times!


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