Winter 1975


In the Winter of 1975 I would of been 6years old and this painting is created through the eyes of that young girl.  Tree tops white while the snowy trim of window panes frosted as icicles hang from them.  The drawing was made in 2004 with soft pastels; recently I enhanced the drawing and added acrylic to brighten and highlight, bringing the painting to life.

My grandmother would call and say she was coming for a visit and while I waited tracing snowflakes from my window I remember looking out into a different world.  My friendly green neighborhood had instantly transformed into a Winter wonderland.  It was too cold to be outside and yet the winter was calling to me.  While waiting for my grandmother to arrive I imagined her walking through hills all bundled up as the snow blew softly around her.   I believe it was that Winter I decided that the season brought a different kind of beauty.  The sound of shovels digging into the knee-deep snow as people cleared the sidewalks, it was a very soothing sound…  The smell of chicken soup simmering made me hungry as my mom prepared dinner for all of us, snow crunching as my grandmother made her way up our walkway.. and the delightful hug I received as I moved my way towards the front door to greet her.

The Winter of 1975 included deep freeze temperatures, frozen window panes, days spent watching my mom make dinner as I sat quietly beside her, visits from my grandmother that always included chocolate treats and lots of hugs… snuggly socks and evenings sitting together with my parents watching TV, bundled up with a blanket.. but what stands out in my memory of this Winter specifically … the image of Winter outside my window, snowflakes, chimneys smoking and everyone I loved safe and warm inside sharing family time.  It was that Winter I realized how much of a gift the season is and all the wonder it brings as the first snowflake falls to the ground.   Each season has its glory but this one has been painted in a memory … and that painting is being shared with all of you today – Winter 1975….it was magical!

Until we meet again, Katerini

Please click the link and listen, it is one of my favorite songs and I do remember looking out my window singing along.








2 thoughts on “Winter 1975

  1. Hi Kat,
    I love this painting honey bc the tones are warm and inviting even though its a cold winter scene.
    Thanks for sharing your story too.


    1. Thanks Julie!!! I am not posting anymore winter scenes 🙂 everyone is yelling lol next one will be summer 🙂

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