March Break 1982


Where have I been the past few weeks you ask? In case you have been wondering and waiting for the first painting of Seasons in the Annex,  I assure you it has been with me this whole time.. what I have been waiting for are the words to come to me .. words that I wanted to share with all of you, and to be truthful I have felt a bit set back and unsure of how to move forward with my project.  I was hoping to introduce the location of my Art Show in September that will feature Seasons in the Annex but my contact and location has since changed direction and so has the project.

The artwork and overall plan remains in line with the Seasons, however I am still working out details of the location and so.. I hereby give you “Seasons in the city”.

March Break 1982-  the weather was unpredictable; each day bringing with it a new adventure.  We began the week with snow, just enough for snowballs, wet mittens, and dancing snow angels.  Kids from the neighbourhood were everywhere, and the sounds of laughter, play and joy could be heard from the inside of our warm home.

As the week went on Jack Frost decided to take a bit of break and the temperatures rose to above zero… what a thrill for all of us; this meant we could stay out longer, taking walks, sharing secrets on a friends porch, playing ball games and just .. enjoying March break..

There was even a rain day.. what could we do when the rain kept falling and washing away what was left of the powdered snow? The kids would gather in the family basement and sing songs, listen to music and play board games.. there were no IPADS, no computers and no texting.. we did have Donkey Kong, Pac Man and Five rocks.. yes.. plain old rocks that we would search for along the side of the road .. pretty and sparkly rocks that were a treasure for us as we concentrated and competed on who would be the winner of this game.

Does the break of 1982 sound humble and boring? .. perhaps – but all I remember is laughter, sharing, growing and creating bonds of friendship that will last a lifetime.  Family time included every single person from young to old, a house full of grandparents, aunts, uncles, moms and dads.  It was kind of perfect if you ask me.. March Break 1982 – what I wouldn’t give for just one more day …. for all of you who spent that week being a part of my childhood dream.. I thank you ..

March Break 1982- What I would give to spend one for day with you!

Until we meet again- Katerini

Click the link – It is the finishing touch to my painting, my story… my memory.



3 thoughts on “March Break 1982

  1. Hi Kat,
    Another beautiful creation you have shared with us all!
    Memories is what keeps things alive.
    Continue sharing.



  2. Love this March break if 1982 and happy to report that we spent ours, now in 2018, in a very similar way. Hikes, looking for different types of plants, laughter, biking, chalk drawings. No iPads, phones, computers. We did what I treasured from my childhood and they embraced it.

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