Something magical is coming!

I got a little off track yesterday ..I have been working on my next installment of Seasons in the Annex, however yesterday I got caught up in the rain falling and slowly melting away the January ice rink that had formed in the back alley.   Something magical is coming.. yes it is only mid February but the temperature is rising and the flowers will soon show themselves … Tulips are one of the first to bloom.. they sometimes encounter the unexpected snowflakes as Jack Frost lingers, knowing full well the season of Winter is coming to an end.  Frosted window panes, snuggly scarves and knitted mittens will soon make their way back into the drawer as daylight savings time turns the clock once more.  Aren’t you excited? Once more we will open our windows wide and allow the cool but not crisp air into our homes .. for those of us who celebrate Easter, the fast leading up to the Holy holiday has already begun.. and soon the Tulips will make their way into your home and garden… but for now…on this February eve, as you sip a cup of warm tea and snuggle with your wool blanket, enjoy the rest of what Jack Frost has planned for all of us.. because soon, very very soon .. Something magical is coming ! 
Until we meet again, Katerini
Snowflakes, Tulips, and magic are a few of my favorite things! If you click on.. you can skip the ad-


4 thoughts on “Something magical is coming!

  1. Hi Kat,
    You know tulips are my second favourite flower of all time especially the light purple ones .
    My first is lilacs, I can enjoy them from afar since their scent is quite strong.
    Nothing makes me happier then seeing the winter leaving while spring arrives. I am not a cold weather kind of girl. If not for Xmas I would dread that season.
    Your painting is gorgeous and I can envision the flower pushing through the cool earth and making an appearance.
    Thanks for sharing Kat.
    Love your friend.


    1. Hi Julie, thank you so much for posting 🙂 Tulips are strong flowers, they withstand Aprils unpredictable weather I see them growing quickly after the snow.. I got a little side tracked with flowers, but I am happy you liked the painting 🙂 XOXO kat


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