Seasons in the Annex

This is an image of the street I grew up on as a child.  I woke up on January 1st hoping to make a list of resolutions,  instead I found myself thinking back to a simple time and before I realized, I was sketching the view I had sitting on my porch looking across the street one day , of one past year , in my life and it was that moment I decided I wanted to give myself a project and not a resolution that I would eventually break.

Seasons in the Annex is going to be a series of paintings and drawings, short stories and shared memories dedicated to a place that I will forever hold dear to my heart.. a place that I will always consider home.. These were days shared with both my parents and family, this was a time where friendships were created and nurtured to be long lasting relationships; This was the place where I fell in love and got married.  The Annex holds pieces of my heart and no matter how far away I am, it will always be a place I call home.

The images I will share with you in the next few months are my adaptation of moonlit streets on summer nights, Victorian homes with stain glass windows,  Vintage store fronts that I walked by each day from work,  restaurants, schools and parks that all helped shape the person I am today.  I hope you will join me on my year long Journey of Seasons in the Annex. .. and if it inspires a memory or two for you, please do share your story by adding a comment on the blog.. I would love to hear your fond memory.

My plan is for this series to end with an Art Show at a surprise location where the original images will be displayed along with a Short Story.  Details have yet to be worked out on the date and time but I do have a special place in mind… I will keep you posted!  To all of the people that have shared in my experiences, are a part of my life and have travelled these streets and shared these memories, my husband who I remember walked me home on snowy evenings while we were dating, to those of you that I reconnected with in the past few years .. this is the place that brought us back together! to all the tears shed and all those nights looking out my window at the stars thinking there was something more out there for me.. and to the two people that taught me to love and be humble with my heart; my parents, I want to honour this life and time spent  with these shared impressions. I hope you will find Seasons in the Annex as enchanting and whimsical as I do creating these images.

Until we meet again,  Katerini











7 thoughts on “Seasons in the Annex

  1. I love how you paint a picture with your words! You’re such a talented story teller! And that song really ties in that period of time, and in case anyone was wondering, the name is certainly NOT reflective of your old street. I’m super proud of how creative you are. Keep feeding your soul, my friend and inspiring us all along the way. xoxo Kassandra


  2. Hi Julie,

    Thanks for your support and for reading 🙂 I think of it as a story .. being told in parts.
    As always .. thanks for our friendship.


  3. Dearest Kat
    What a wonderful new thing you are creating! Besides your incredible artistry we are now blessed with a series of paintings that have a memory for you. Not only are you sharing your talent with us all but you are letting us into your heart.

    I thank you dear friend

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  4. The Series will be captivating as your many other pieces of art and story telling. The stories, the images of some of your most cherished memories will most definitely resonate with the hearts and memories of many who as you called those special places home. Such people as yours truly, who will be anxiously awaiting the anticipated “Seasons in the Annex”.


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