Angels in the snow


You know how certain dates remain embedded in your heart and each year when that particular day comes around you are aware of what it represents? It could be something as simple as the day you were first kissed,  the day you met your sweet heart, or even the day you lost your one true love… There are days in our lives that have made an impact, good or bad .. and each year when that particular number comes around, we just know… For me, today is one of “those” dates.  December 28 will always be a life changer and no matter how much I allow the day to pass treating it like any other day… it will always be the day my world changed forever.. the day my dad passed away.   I have uploaded a photo of this years Christmas tree, each ornament representing a special person or feeling dear to my heart. While trimming my tree I cannot help but feel his presence  with me every step of the way.  His ornament is carefully placed on the tree,  He is with us and will always be.  As the year comes to an end and a new one about to begin,  I focus on the ones that are here right now.. in my life… but on this day… a day like today… I cannot help but remember … the way his eyes twinkled as he sat by our tree, and the stories he shared with me about Christmas’s past.  Christmas was the one time in the year he allowed me to see his childlike characteristics. It was a time he looked forward to the holiday and all that went with it. The tree, the gatherings, the food, and .. the snow.   Tonite I honor his memory by remenising about the joy that the tree brought to our home.. about his gentle smile and all that he believed in… family, respect , traditions, love and Christmas.

I will always miss my dad, no matter how old I am and no matter how hard I try to treat December 28 as just another ordinary day… Deep down I will know what it felt like when he left us..  that feeling of being his daughter, and all that it meant to me … And as the snow gently begins to fall it creates a magical scene.. and I wonder… if he is out there watching over me.. I do want to believe he is.. my angel in the snow.

I miss you dad.

**click the photo for a beautiful song by Amy Sky”






4 thoughts on “Angels in the snow

  1. Dearest Kat, thank you for opening your heart and sharing this intimate moment with us all.
    I empathize with you honey even though I do not know what that loss is like since I have all 4 parents still alive.
    Xmas is a time to rejoice and to reflect on what we hold dear in our hearts.
    I am certain your Dad is very proud of the woman you have become.
    Remembering him is what keeps him connected but your Dad wants you to be happy so wipe the tears from your eyes and smile because he will always love you.

    All the best to you and your loved ones this New Year!
    Julie xxoo


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