Paris Blooms


Although the Cherry Blossoms have already come and gone in Paris, I am still dreaming of  the loveliness of these beautiful trees and how they bring the park to life in the most magical of ways.  It just goes to show how fast time passes as we are already racing through July with only a memory or two of Cherry Blossoms and their gentle blanket of flowers that cover parks everywhere around the world.    Imagine walking in the park towards the Eifel Tower only to encounter these bloomed trees with a bouquet of white and pink petals… wouldn’t you feel as though you have stepped into a story book where you are in charge of your own tale?

I have been thinking a lot lately about time and how quickly it comes and goes.   This painting was started in April when the blossoms were beginning to bloom and I was so enchanted by the image of them embracing the tower, while the sun sparkles a sprinkle of heavenly light down on the park.   It just goes to show how quickly things can change and how important it is to take time to enjoy whatever gifts the earth presents us…. like cherry blossoms.

While I added the finishing touches to my Spring love, I was listening to Dean Martin sing April in Paris and so I will leave you all to ponder on these words tonight below, they inspired the colors, the energy and the whimsical in Paris Blooms-

” I never knew the charm of Spring, I never met it face to face, I never new my heart could sing, I never missed a warm embrace.. till April in Paris, what have you done to my heart”.

Until we meet again, – Katerini

One thought on “Paris Blooms

  1. Your painting is dreamy Kat, well done my dear!
    You are so correct about time passing by quickly and things changing all around us.
    So the lesson of the day is, do not do things you don’t love doing anymore. Visit those you love more often.
    And appreciate what you have and the things you want that you don’t have, then reach for it or let it go and accept it.
    Struggling between wanting and needing is a difficult fight.
    Whatever you decide have no regrets because life is passing us by and so we need to enjoy it.
    Love always


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