A little piece of you

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A few weeks ago I stumbled upon a photo that I can’t seem to forget as it keeps popping up in my mind and I knew that there had to be a story somewhere in this image that has been tugging away at my heart.
Although I didn’t plan to write the story today- Mother’s Day.. I find it fitting to share a few words with you about the photo.  If you have ever had the unfortunate task of packing up a place you have shared memories, a place where people you loved have sat, ate, drank, laughed and cried, a place called your family home.. I can tell you it is a task that can tear at every piece of your heart and place you on an emotional rollercoaster ride…   Although this would of not been my first time to pack up pieces of myself and my loved ones, and place them in boxes or just throw them out like they never belonged .. I assure you it takes courage … and strength not to fall apart and so when we had a yard sale after packing up my husbands family home, I knew it was going to be a day that would change him … forever.  
My Mother in law was practical in her purchases and I use to tease her about her taste in kitchen items.  I remember standing in the kitchen gazing over at all the items on the counter that would soon be in someone else’s possession and wishing she would walk through the door with a determined look in her eyes demanding an explanation.. unfortunately that wasn’t possible and so the yard sale took place.. As we were closing a chapter of a life lived, a group of people around the corner were about to begin a new chapter of their lives as a neighborhood bistro was opening up and the owners had popped in to see if there was anything they could use for their place.. many items were sold along with these glass dessert plates that my mother in law use to serve her famous pineapple cheese cakes, and delectable fruitcake at Christmas time.  By the end of the day most of the items had been sold and a chapter in our lives closed forever.
Since that time, there has been a turn around of the bistro, as it is now known as “The Christie”, and it looks like a trendy café where the locals stop in for a cappuccino and sweet dessert.  I personally have not yet visited “The Christie” as it is still difficult for me to walk along this area without thinking of my mother in law and truly missing her.  A few days ago I checked out the gallery on the website and there was a picture of a blueberry cake on…. my mother in laws dessert plates!  I started to flip threw the photos and there were various images, each one beautifully displaying the mouth watering cakes on her …. dessert plates…..
This made me smile. …. Onorina believed in simplicity, items didn’t need to be fancy, or overly priced, she cooked and baked for her family with the one thing she could count on to ensure the result was perfect… she cooked with love.. and so a simple piece of lemon pound cake, even a slice of zucchini pie looked absolutely delicious on an old glass dessert plate..
I never thought much about it back then… however as I came across these photos of “The Christie”, and saw her plates right there looking shiny and bright.. as they display the obvious sweetness of the cafes menu, I feel as though a part of her lives on… in this place.   It’s not just that the plates had a different life prior to this little café in the old neighborhood, but its the fact that someone else shares her values and her eye for finding beauty in the simplest of things…..
My mother in law had the right idea, and I wish she was here with me today sharing her wisdom and her recipes… and I will always miss her… but a little piece of her spirit lives on not just because of her shiny dessert plates; for helping me to see the beauty in the simple things.. like this delectable blueberry cake in the photo above… I know where my next brunch date will be… … and I will smile.. because I know I still have “a piece of her with me”… always.
Happy Mother’s Day to all, and to Serge who I know is missing his mom just a little more today.. I made a piece of almond cake… in honor of Mothers Day.. because it truly is all about the simple things.
Until we meet again,  Katerini

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