Twilight in Paris

Twilight painting

Twilight in Paris

With so much sadness surrounding this magical city lately, I thought it necessary to dedicate my post to the city of lights.  Paris … with all its history , culture, and glory appears to be a target for the weak ones – those who don’t realize you cannot fight against what is… what can never change, and what will always be the wonderful Paris….

And so I dedicate my page tonight to a place I have dreamed of travelling to, a place where Ernest Hemingway pondered over a glass of whiskey while sitting in the Cafe’ de Flore on Boulevard St. Germain writing his masterpiece “A Moveable Feast”.

When this piece was created- “Twilight in Paris” I was thinking about my favorite time of the day .. Twilight, imagining myself in the this very cafe’ tracing the steps of many great writers who found their muse in Paris. … and so my story begins with a passion for the city that will never lose her light … no matter how hard they try to darken her.  … Toujours Paris!

The sun begins to set behind the Eiffel tower and the icon landmark takes on a darker shadow. The color on the leaves change appearing rustic red. It will be dark soon and the towers lights will come on providing a warm glow, but it is this very moment “Twilight in Paris” where magic and wonder take place.

Behind the trees and busy walking path, the sun is slowly setting. It is a time to rejoice, celebrate, wish, for these precious few moments each day it is… “Twilight in Paris”.  Soft pastels with bold colours were used to create this drawing. The silhouette is darker in the centre, creating a mysterious view, however just above the tower the light is soft, almost fairy-tale like.

I hope you enjoy “Twilight in Paris”. If you ever find yourself under the Eiffel Tower during this time of the day, don’t forget to bring a picnic basket filled with breads , fig jam, cheese and a crisp wine…. You’re charmed to experience “Twilight in Paris”.

If Paris is not on your bucket list, then perhaps you find your favorite spot outdoors during this enchanted time of the day. It can be in your own back yard as the Sun slowly begins to set, eat al fresco, drink sweet wine and rejoice the moment… “Twilight”.

Until we meet again,


“It’s Twilight, the end of another day, the return of the night, darkness is so predictable don’t you think?” – Written by Stephanie Meyer





2 thoughts on “Twilight in Paris

  1. Kat that was lovely and well said. I have this print and I cherish it every time I pass by it because I think of you and our friendship.
    I definitely recommend visiting France one day. When I was in the south of France in Boudreaux, I loved it.
    Thank you for sharing.


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