Winds of Change


As the colours slowly change from a moss green to a light and rustic orange, we begin to feel like something is coming. The transition happens within weeks and if you don’t pay attention to the temperature you will miss the transformation.

 Autumns vibrant hues are magical and they bring with them the “Winds of Change”.

This painting was created for my sweet cousin Zoe when she was about to venture out into the world and begin University. I wanted to give her a meaningful gift as she began a new chapter in her life. She began her journey into the unknown, leaving behind the comfort and safety of her well created world.  I am so proud of her strength and drive to learn, to explore and to succeed.   Each tree in the painting represents a travelled road, a new friend, a wonderful experience,  helping her to grow into a kind spirited and beautiful young lady.  Zoe in Greek means “Life”; a perfect name that she honours by actually living it- taking chances, and being fearless.  Each Autumn as October blesses us with all of it’s natural artwork, I take some time to enjoy the “Winds of Change”.

I hope this painting brings warmth to you, serving as a reminder to take a moment each and every day in lovely October to observe the transformation from Summer to Fall.  Spend some time around the table sipping sweet apple cider, sharing stories, laughter, and love…  because as quickly as it enters our lives, Autumn doesn’t visit us for too long, and before we know it…. little snow flakes will be kissing our blushed cheeks.    It is so exciting to watch the sun hit the trees, choosing very carefully where the light will shine; the yellows and reds are bursting with colour, it truly is a magical season.   My advise to you….. get out there, face it, photograph it, eat outside with it, dream, breathe, kiss, cry… draw, paint… whatever you chose to do …. this October… Enjoy it!

Where will the “Winds of Change” take you?

“Take me to the magic of the moment on a glory night, where the children of tomorrow dream away

In the Wind of Change “ – The Scorpions



One thought on “Winds of Change

  1. What a lovely story you shared about Zoe.
    I always felt Fall was a time to shed the feeling of childlike freedom and adventure that the sun and warm weather provided us in the Summer. Then the next phase is to prepare for preservation and the time to regroup as the Winter makes most of us hibernate. Its a time to focus on our inner self and as a reward we celebrate the holidays of a rebirth of our self. Then the Spring comes and we melt away our old skin and nurture the growth of something new and fresh in us.
    Thank you for sharing this with us.
    Well done Kat.


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