A Provence Countryside


Summer… saying the word out loud makes you want to take in a long deep breath and daydream.  The warm glow of the sun beaming down on a terra cotta roof top… lavender spills for miles and the aroma fills the air… The quiet of the country side with all its wonder….ah summer!    “A Provence Countryside” was created with all this and more in mind, the soft pastels I used form hazy trees, and a sky so inviting and clear.  Breathe…and allow your imagination to want more…

Summers tenderness opens up inspiration and the feeling that anything we crave is available for us to explore… ..French savory Merlot wine poured into a long-stemmed glass with Brie cheese  and peppery crackers, deep purple grapes along sugary pears cut in quarters and a blanket laid out on the grass along the scented meadow…. Breathe..

“A Provence Countryside” was created with all of this in mind… and more.. For the person who purchases this drawing, I hope it brings you joy and lightheartedness, and I wish it takes you to a place where all the chaos and responsibility can be placed aside for an hour or so …leaving you a place to want, and to perhaps plan a trip, whatever your heart is beating wildly about when you think of summer… make it happen…

Back in 2004 when the original drawing was created, I yearned for a taste of sweet wine, where the sounds I heard were soothing like a birds chirp, and rustling tall grass moving in the wind, I pictured a stone cottage that was a delight to look at , bright and inviting.

I imagined what it would be like to be in Provence in the countryside….

Summers kindness allows us to explore, take a step back and sooth the soul with food, drink and peaceful afternoons… Perhaps even on a breezy countryside, ..in Provence!

Until we meet again,


“I miss a little dirt on the road, I miss corn-growing in a row, I miss being somebody everybody knows, I miss those small town routes, walking around in muddy boots, the sound of rain on an old tin roof, its time we head on back” Sung by Tim Mcgraw

2 thoughts on “A Provence Countryside

  1. Like I have shared before with you Kat, your art is an inspiration. Your words takes us to other places and we discover what you are feeling. This painting reminds me of my trip to France when we stayed in Bordeaux. I love country sides and smaller towns too especially the older I am becoming. I find the peace and personal connection in smaller towns is what I enjoy more and more. Bravo on this lovely painting.

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