If at first you don’t succeed

An Evening in Venice
I was reminded today of the reason behind the saying “Starving Artist” and as my Art journey continues I am learning more and more about the value of my work and what my expectations are as well as what is expected of me.  Last week I displayed my Art in Kleinburg at the Binder Twine Festival and met some wonderful people who stopped by to view, ask questions, wonder and purchase my paintings.  Although the day was treacherous; my friends and husband had to at times hold down my canopy while I spoke to people, the wind and rain would pop in and out throughout the day… we were wet, tired and pained by holding down the inventory … however at the end of the day, I went home with a smile on my face having met people who took my Art seriously, enjoyed it, loved it, and welcomed it into their home.    Yesterday however was a different kind of day. Another festival, another wet day, and the organizers appeared more concerned about themselves than the artists. The rain didn’t let up, and I felt defeated not only by mother nature, but by the people I trusted to provide me with the space and location that would give me a fair chance at exposure.   ” An evening in Venice” had been sold last year, however I had made a print and framed this piece of Art for the show.  The rain took over and the painting was damaged; That was enough for me to want to leave… without a sale, without a smile, and without a thought from the organizers… I was sad this morning when I looked at the damaged Art, and all the effort that went into setting up, framing, and working half the day… “Starving Artist” … my friend was trying to remind me that it’s part of the journey, the rain, the wind, rejection, along with sunshine, excitement and love of my work… I have a lot to learn as I continue to find the confidence to show my Art; I am still exploring and uncovering the value of my work and myself… there is no amount of money that can take place of the value one feels when they believe in themselves… Maybe I will always be a “Starving Artist”, but an Artist…. I am!   …. Until we meet again,  Katerini ……………….. Ps. How does that saying go again? “If at first you don’t succeed…. try try again”.

3 thoughts on “If at first you don’t succeed

  1. Kath I so understand your disappointment of the day but remember honey, we can not control the weather or sometimes the circumstances and what other people do but we can control how we act and feel afterwards. If everything in life was easy and successful then we would not understand the gift of achieving.
    Artist you are……PERIOD! Weather nor lack of sales can take that away from you except your own thoughts of yourself. Be proud that you put yourself out there and continue to display your beautiful art.


  2. Nicely said.. Yes a journey of self belief along with sharing the world your beautiful art and inner thoughts and feelings… A very blessed journey.. Enjoy the ride!


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